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  • Craig Ferguson
  • That pretentious house in Chicago with engraved tiles of horses and fairies and unicorns on the windows (pretty it is, modest it sure is not)
  • Antoine Dodson
  • Flying bags
  • Looking 11:12 straight in the eye (bitterly squinty-eyed at the clock, pouty lips)
  • Juicebox splatters on substitute teachers' well-iron shirts
  • Incredibly boring, critically acclaimed movies
  • Asian soap dramas with subtitles that disappear absurdly fast
  • Fireflies in the cool June evening
  • Michael Cera (prancing Cera)
  • Francis (classmate)
  • The Office (U.S.)
  • Mammy from Gone With the Wind
  • D.E's crooked smile

(apologies-- this is probably the least understandable list if you're just passing by. It's a humble list of what makes me laugh.)

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