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  • Create some sort of art; usually sketches, collages, or scrawling in my journal
  • Cozy up at the local bookstore, immersing myself in the Classics section
  • Watch period dramas (again)
  • Particularly North and South
  • Swoon over brooding mill-owners
  • Make collages while listening to the pitter-patter of rain
  • Bake a delectable something
  • Organize something
  • Jump in rain puddles
  • Drink tea, watch the rain
  • Recite my favourite poems under my breath, to make sure they're still there
  • Make lists
  • Tumblr
  • Go on a nice walk outdoors
  • Reread Jane Eyre or other literature masterpieces
  • Daydream; eyes closed, heart open
  • Read tucked under the covers, accompanied with tea and a small flashlight
  • Reflect nostalgically on past memories and sentiments
  • Hum to soothing classical tunes
  • Sing retro '50s tunes
  • Or a more modernized-yet-still-rather-vintage She & Him tune
  • Brew large amounts of Earl Grey tea
  • Sleep (I lack the ability to nap, however-- a strange phenomenon)
  • Dance, pretending to be poised ballerina
  • (It really is not a graceful sight)
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