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  • live instead of exist
  • build a treehouse for myself (and other willing companions)
  • chart the stars, remain forever in awe of constellations
  • indulge in the beauty of museums and theatre
  • draw thirty portraits of random strangers
  • never lose my little-girl wonder
  • attend a Renaissance faire dressed in true traditional garb
  • become proficiently efficient at crossword puzzles (no more perplexed pondering)
  • leave sticky notes in books (please understand, dear librarian-- my thoughts mean no harm!)
  • bake hot pies for the homeless and hungry
  • live a solitary life for a year, something like that of Walden Pond
  • move to the Yorkshire moors into a cottage across from a sparkling lake and a secret forest
  • if not, a castle overlooking bungling rolls of grass is equally pleasing
  • actually find out my true bloodtype
  • meet Laura Marling
  • quote grand personalities at appropriate moments
  • fulfill a lifelong goal of never ever trying on mascara
  • be able to wake up when the alarm clock blares relentlessly (but aha! Inception has encouraged me to change the tone to Edith Piaf's "Non ne regrette rien," thereby eliminating all ordeals!)
  • climb a rainforest vine (and swing from it)
  • hunt down Gauss and Jordan for making everything more complicated
  • be on Zoom, that old quirky and amazing telly show
  • investigate and eventually solve a mystery
  • have a pie smashed into my face
  • tell my grandparents I love them (thereby defying the customary culture)
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