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now listen to me young man, i am talking directly into your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to gamestop, and i need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have bambi on the ps2. if you come back empty handed youll be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day.

honeybee to do (habits to get back into)
books (read in 2023)
oliver activism (support human beings)
  • space pony (sgap) - star hopper
  • barbara (trixie mattel) - gold
  • ghost (foot ox) : the distance between us .
  • have a great life (harley poe) : mummified mom.
  • lesley gore sings of mixed up hearts (lesley gore) : tie between "run bobby run" and "young lover".
  • lionheart (kate bush) : hammer horror .
  • little spoon (patricia taxxon) : tie between "winter was warm" & "kissing ancaps ".
  • live through this (hole) - credit in the straight world
  • pathétique aesthétique (roar) : drama queen
  • rabbit eclipse (księżyc) - kapkowa
  • the dreaming (kate bush) : get out of my house .
  • the flowers of robert mapplethorpe(patricia taxxon) - la lettre
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