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  • It will look old and lofty in a victorian style
  • i want a big covered porch out front with a view of the sea. it will have a comfy couch and rocking chair for reading and watching the sunset
  • i want a big walled garden so we can have lots of bunny rabbits running about
  • lots of space for the dogs and kids to play about
  • a treehouse at the bottom of the garden
  • the kitchen will be big and have big wooden beams
  • i want lots of work surfaces for cooking and a big old fashioned stove
  • there will be a big dining table for the whole family to eat at
  • in the living room i want a couch that wraps round the whole wall for the whole family to sit on
  • a nice big fireplace
  • a big tv with shelves at either side for lots of dvd's
  • there will be a sheltered yard for the dogs and cats sleeping and eating area
  • a study for work and it will also have all of leon's comic books and a display cabinet for all his memorabelia
  • the main bathroom will be big with a bath and large shower and will have shelves for 'toilet reads'
  • there will be three children's bedrooms but no tv's in the rooms. they will each be decorated differently for each child
  • i would like a drawing room/library upstairs.
  • it will have bay windows to read with a view and shelves covering an entire wall filled with books
  • there will be souveniers from our travels and lots of family pictures
  • a couch and table in the middle of the room for playing backgammon
  • there's gonna be a playroom for the kids and leon
  • it will have computer consoles and gaming chairs as well as the electric guitar and a painting area
  • mine and leons room will have a massive comfy bed and we will each have a bedside table for what we are reading
  • there will be a big walk in closet for us both
  • i would like an ensiute bathroom with a jacuzzi bath and we will have seperate sinks and a nice big dressing table with fairy lights all round it for me to do my make-up
  • a big garage for our old muscle cars
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