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  • his childlike sense of adventure
  • his soulful eyes
  • his cheeky smile
  • his sense of humour
  • his taste in music and films and books
  • the way he makes me feel
  • his sexy body
  • the way he makes me cups of tea all the time
  • his romantic side
  • the fact that he's a really good kisser
  • his monkey impression
  • the nicknames he has for me(trouble, beautiful monster, grumpus)
  • he's tall- 6ft 3inches
  • his sexy irish accent
  • he's a gentleman
  • he teases me about the way i say certain words
  • his tight toosh
  • the way his head smells
  • the annoying smirk he has that i cant get mad at
sep 15 2010 ∞
sep 21 2010 +