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in no particular order, jsyk. (and why in parenthesis)

  • james mcavoy (um, he's scottish. and his role in penelope was just adorable beyond belief. and atonement. and becoming jane... and even as a half man-half goat in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.)
  • mark wahlberg (old calvin klein underwear model. yes.)
  • ryan reynolds (he is hillarious, and he is unbelievably gorgeous.)
  • jim sturgess (brittish accent. sings beatles songs. enough said.)
  • matthew macfayden (loved him in pride and prejudice, and he was also funny in death at a funeral.)
  • alexander skarsgard (super sexy blonde vampire from true blood. and he played a gay model in zoolander that died from a freak gas accident, so how could he not be on here?)
  • hugh dancy (because he is just plain old adorable in the jane austen book club.)
  • mitch hewer (also known as maxxie. SKINS LOVE.)
  • david henrie (from wizards, but he is HOT. and funny. anddd i love him.)
  • ryan kwanten (JASON STACKHOUSE. oh yes. his southern accent is a major negative, but the fact that he is austrailian in real life is why he is still on this list.)
  • clinton kelly (because i love his fashion sense, and i would marry this man in a heartbeat.)
  • logan lerman (because he is utterly adorable, and i love percy jackson so much that i probably would have loved any actor that played him in the movie...[= )
  • jude law (he is just so beautiful. and british.)
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