(revised May 2011)

  • be a good librarian (not sure, maybe)
  • make art and be good at it
  • sell art without being embarrassed
  • write little poems
  • write longer stories
  • publish a book
  • have confidence in my words
  • stop thinking that what I create is not worth anything
  • have a nice little house
  • have a garden
  • have many pets
  • make more zines
  • have regular dinners with friends
  • get better at taking pictures
  • be as nice as I can be
  • be Brave
  • learn to quell the constant longings of my heart
  • learn to be patient
  • learn self-discipline
  • learn to thrive on creativity
  • stop being lazy
  • meet Terri Windling (and others)
  • be with SleepyBear forever
  • be as happy as I can for as long as I can
sep 30 2010 ∞
may 5 2011 +
user picture Pam: sweet list. I <3 your blog. oct 3 2010
user picture MJ: Thank you so much! I'm gld you like it :)
user picture sara: are you a librarian dear? me too! oct 4 2010
user picture MJ: You are? you're so lucky! I will stoudy to be one soon. SO I am not one yet, but I dream of becoming one in the next few years :)
user picture MJ: Of course I meant *study not *stoudy...
user picture sara: oh i'm technically not one yet either, but this is my final year of library school! :)
user picture MJ: Oh, good for you! Congratulations! Are you specializing in something? Or do you have any preferences to where you would like to work? In what kind of library? I find this all so fascinating! (i'm really excited about starting, except I have to do my honors first, before being able to apply for my Master's)
user picture sara: sorry i'm actually a library technician-which is slightly different than a librarian (i.e. the pay is a lot worse ;))and i take a course through my community college. i've thought about getting my masters, but it would mean i'd have to move out of province. i'd really like to work in a school or special library-public too, but i've heard they're terrible to work in. how about you? oct 5 2010
user picture sara: we usually just call ourselves 'librarians' because it's easier to explain ;)
user picture MJ: Of course! Library technicians are awesome! I undestand about not wanting to move out of province, not enough Canadian universities offer Master's in Library/Information Studies. Maybe in your future? I have't figured out exactly what I would prefer yet. I'm open to everythign thing, but I might specialised in Childre/YA fiction, but really I don't know yet.
user picture MJ: p.s. thank you for your comment onmy blog, I've answered there :) xx
user picture Rowan : i can't tell you how many of these things i wish too! Terri Windling is great, isn't she? ps. thank you for telling me about seabear- I love them so much now! xo oct 10 2010
user picture MJ: oh i love Terri Windling. I received two of her prints for Christmas last year and she left a sweet message with them and I almost died. She the (famous) person I would most love to meet in the whole wide world. ps. I'm glad! I love them so. when I was living in a room with my boyfriend I would always go to bed before him and he would stay up and play computer games, so I would put seabear on my ipod to rock me to sleep (and cut off the sound the the mouse and keyboard). I never tired of them. oct 16 2010