• inside a small chest locked with a golden key
  • nestled inside an ear
  • on a small note at the bottom of a pocket
  • on the wind
  • between teeth
  • inside a heart
  • between diary pages
  • buried in the dirt
  • at the corner of a mouth
  • in the dark corners of the night
  • between two breaths
  • on fingertips
  • in a locket
  • in a look, a touch, a lie
  • inside a bottle floating on the ocean
  • flying on a kite
  • in a love letter
  • in a smile
  • inside a story told by candlelight
  • sailing down a stream in a paper boat
  • between me and you
aug 13 2010 ∞
aug 13 2010 +
user picture elly: oh, dearie, these are the most perfect! aug 14 2010
user picture Jane: I love this list!
user picture K.: beautiful aug 22 2010
user picture Rowan : Wonderful. Sailing down a stream in a paper boat, if only I was small enough... aug 24 2010