• winning senior survivor because of Phil
  • the crazy middle schooler ("Did you ever meet Hitler?")
  • going to Bertucci's for lunch with Phil
  • bringing a chair and lamp from the senior forum into the physics room and making Seiger sit in it with his feet up
  • when the whole school got swine flu
  • the Mr. Anthony spooning Doc story
  • the days in AP English when we don't talk about the book except for 5 minutes
  • teaching Mr. Anthony "nom nom nom"


  • doing *impressions* of people during our free time at Pasquaaaney
  • "I love coxswains so much I married one."
  • crew carpool videos
  • 4th place in the 8 at NHCs
  • DCBA
  • Pook breaking his oar
  • W2 sleepover
      • getting kicked out of Michael's
      • ouija board
  • Head of the Charles 2009 - one of the best rows ever
  • *nameless rowers* almost peeing in a nalgene on the bus to the HotF
  • staying in a hotel for hours at HotF
  • EPIC Chinese fire drill on the last day at the boathouse
  • erg test PR


  • Doc's facebook fan page
  • Salsa/Chacha dancing and meeting the lesbian
  • sleepover at Phil's house and playing rock band until 1 am
  • going to see a kid's movie at Chunky's and then going to Target and Jordan's Furniture with Phil, Sam, and Maeghan
  • Swing dancing and meeting Tony the gay cross-dresser
  • Phil's birthday party
      • taking pictures ("Straddle the stool!")
oct 18 2009 ∞
dec 16 2010 +
user picture Chandra: wow! when did mr. anthony spoon doc?!?! how did i miss that story!?! feb 21 2010
user picture Erin: it was a story either from my sister's class or literature of the imagination feb 24 2010