• "I was straight and I used to shower every day. I was like the biggest freak on camp. The only time Birch would shower was when I would drag her in the shower and take off her clothes and throw her in there." Kushki
      • "What a bunch of hairy, hippie lesbians we are." Mango
  • "Have a nice chat with mango. Don't get carried away. You don't want to get pregnant at the age of 19." Kushki
  • "It's thundering." me
      • "Outside? I don't think it is." Mango
      • "Mango you're in new york." me
  • "I don't know a single person who owns a penis!" Mango
      • "I didn't know they were on sale." me
      • "They come free with being born but only if you're a guy." Mango
  • "You American people. You don't know your English." Kushki
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