• “What is that?” me
    • “That’s a jug of Koolaid with alcohol in it.” Auntie
  • “I’m looking at my hair in the moonlight! Even though there’s no moonlight in here...” Molly
  • “Maybe if I have a second life, I’ll be a dog. But this is my first life.” Molly
  • “It’s a good thing I’m the woman; otherwise I’d be giving you the finger.” Mom
  • “I’ll have breakfast, I’ll wait a few minutes, then I’ll have lunch.” Molly
  • “The junk goes in the drawers!” Mom
  • “Ali’s dad is a hypnotist.” me
    • “He should hypnotize his wife.” Mom
  • “Did you know that Girl’s JV soccer is coached by bald men?” Mom
  • “I’m not dead yet!” Molly
    • “I hope not!” Grandma
  • “If you were a cannibal, and you were going to eat me, you would have to leave my mouth so I could talk.” Molly
  • “How about I don’t go to college and get a really nice car? It’s true! I’d rather have a really nice car. No, that’s not true.” Molly
  • “Tomorrow I’m going to be 500 pounds.” me
    • “I’m already 500 pounds.” Molly
  • “Erin doesn’t look the same in these pictures as she does now.” Grandma
    • “If you did you’d look like a butter ball.” Papa
  • "I wonder what Doc’s doing right now.” Molly (on a weekend)
  • "So since today was your birthday I wore your clothes in honor of you." Molly
  • "I fart in your GENERAL DIRECTION. towards chicago." Molly
  • "This is Fred." me
    • "Oh I was hoping for a tall dark handsome man." Aunt Margaret
  • "If I get hungry soon I can just lick my face." Molly
  • "We were going to go skiing today at Okemo but it wasn't cold enough for us." Mom
  • "We're all 21 now." Mom
    • "We're all 54 inches now." Dad
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