• "My mom thinks I look like I should be sheldon's bff because I'm reading a geek book with my geeky glasses and headlamp" Mango
  • "I'm on the bus to nyc and I fell asleep and snored so loud I woke myself up." Mango
  • "Ooh 3 sickles and a dungbomb! it's my lucky day." Molly
  • "Maybe that's why ms foster wears so many scarves" Phil
  • "I just woke up with a gay boy in my bed =\" Caroline
  • "Because the sight of me makes you pee in your pants?" Molly
  • "I just walked by the hippie version of candy chaplin" Phil
  • "My ex-boyfriend just sent me this text: FWD: I'm beginning to think you're in an actual lesbian relationship with erin ferguson" Mango
  • "Julius caesar walks into a bar and orders a martinus. the bartender says, "don't you mean martini?" caesar answers "if i wanted a double i would have asked for it" Crash
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