Mr. Mathes

  • “Thought you were going to a private school and you ended up at a mental institution.”
  • “I’m weird. I was born that way. My mother dropped me on a radiator.”
  • “Now I’m living under a bridge in a garbage bag. I am beyond drunk.”
  • “I was having pure-grain alcohol to forget my troubles from this class.”
  • “You have a bigger mouth than a store of knowledge.”
  • “Wouldn’t you feel better if you failed but it was an F+?”
  • “What would happen to your self esteem if I got a raise because I hit you?”
  • “You and Mr. Pythag would’ve gotten along well. He was also a crackpot.”
  • “You better work or your college of choice will be YDC.”

Mr. Anthony

  • “I walked into an elevator and the elevator wasn’t there. Guess I learned from that one.”
  • “If you all went on a field trip and terrorists blew up you’re bus I’d say cool, I have another free period.”
  • “I wish I could draw because then I wouldn’t be so bored in faculty meetings.”
  • “That’s why you take latin; so you can use words like that.”
  • “If I was the leader of a cult I’d tell you all to kill yourselves.”
  • “It’s girls who are supposed to know colors in my little stereotyped world.”

Mr. Berk

  • “Here's my number. Try not to call me, but if you must, do it before 10. That's when I beat my children and I really don't like to be disturbed.”

Ms. Roberts

  • “Go drown yourself in the water fountain.”
  • “I go home at night crying because of this class, I just want you to know.”
  • “There was this girl who sat in the front of the class and annoyed the living snot pea out of us. Then three years later she got hit by a train.”
  • “Yo mamma so fat she sat on a rainbow and farted out skittles!”
  • “Seth is too busy hitting on my sister to focus on latin.”
  • “Mr. McNeil shut your fat mouth!”
  • “It’s like teaching in a special classroom.”
  • “McNeil laughs like a woman.”

Ms. Foster

  • “Grigoriy, you’re going to die a slow and painful death at my hands.”
  • “What a great history class, we’re talking about drugs.”
  • “I’ll give you extra credit if you spin so fast you throw up.”

Latin Class

  • “Freshmen taste best deep-fried.” Sarah
  • “Wait until I grow armpit hair.” CJ
  • “This freshmen group is so lesbian.” Sarah
  • “He’s playing this game with himself where every time someone gets something wrong he erases one letter of the word HOPE.” Seth
  • “I feel like this is child labor. You can’t stop. Not if you want your daily handful of peanuts.” Sarah

Geometry Class

  • “Matt, be quiet and get a life.” Anupa
  • “We don’t pay $20,000 to come here and do the work ourselves!” CJ
  • “What guy secretly doesn’t want to prance around in a skirt?” Ian Will
  • “Matt, you are the easiest kid to make fun of.” Jake Davis
  • “I wish I could read clocks.” Jake Davis

Biology Class

  • “But no, I have to come in here and look at your little ugly faces.” Mr. MacKenzie
  • “SHHHH! I’m going to put a sock in your mouth and tie it with duct tape!” KKH
  • “Someone doesn’t know about sex...” Ariel
      • “What’d you say about me?” Steve

History Class

  • “I’ve been un-Keinerized by Mr. Munhall.” Andrew
  • “I have planted a seed and now it’s going to grow.” Ms. Foster.
      • “Unless you put salicylic acid in it.” Adrian
  • “To show how stoned people never really got what they want ... look at the hippies.” Craig
      • “Craig, I’m cutting you off.” Ms. Foster
  • “I was having like a mini rock concert in my shower this morning, then I got interrupted.” Adrian
  • “Don’t worry I’m just pulling my pants down.” Andrew

English Class

  • “Hey Ben maybe you can be the first female president.” Grigs
  • “I wish Grig were here. I miss him ranting... and me telling him how stupid he is.” Ben
  • “Let’s find this so-called Mount Olympus and blow it up.” CJ
  • “Is this a country club or a school?” Mr. MacKenzie


  • “In memory of Fritz...” Patrick Khayat
      • “Not in memory of Fritz!!” Mrs. Devino
  • “My cat and I have been in my basement for three months so her tail doesn’t stick up anymore. Maybe it doesn’t stick up because she ate too many of my special brownies.” Mallory
  • “Let me tell you, if you learn to breathe as a singer, having a baby is really a breeze.” Mrs. Devino

XC Running

  • “You just hit a small child. His name was Billy. Now he’s all red on the ground.” Marcel


  • “I didn’t kill the rabbit. The arrow killed it. ...But I threw the arrow.” Mr. Moerlein
  • “Oh no! He’s taking us into the ally and going to shoot us! Cannibal Lefebvre!” Mr. Moerlein
  • “Lefebvre, you should be a swimsuit photographer.”
  • “It’s not my fault I have the maturity of a four year-old.” Paige
  • “Paige what are you drinking out of that paper bag?” Mr. Moerlein
      • “Um if I told you I’d have to kill you.” Paige
  • “I hope they fire me.” Mr. Moerlein
  • “I’m going to drive on the dotted line! We’re all going to die.” Mr. Moerlein
  • “I think sleep would be a good way to avoid this race.” Paige
  • “Let me draw the third person, I’m not sure if you’ll recognize her.” Paige
      • “Lefebvre!” Tim
  • “I have a life outside of... crew.” Charles


  • “I like your shoes Chandra.” Mr. Smith
      • “Thanks...” Chandra
      • “Maybe I could borrow them sometime. You could wear mine.” Mr. Smith


  • “Is a dragon’s tail attached to it?” Maeghan
  • “Maeghan have you been drinking?” Ellie
  • “Erin took the last apple crisp, Carl.” Kaitlyn
      • “Sweet mother of God.” Carl
      • “Yeah, that’s me.” KKH
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dec 16 2013 +
user picture adrian: woah howd u remember that much? i have bad memory, but these are pretty good. i can't believe i said that salicylic acid comment...anyway didn't salicylic acid help the plants grow? oct 20 2009
user picture Erin: hahaha I wrote them down in my planner freshman year and had them typed up already. I put that salicylic acid one here because I knew you would read it and the /acid/ did not make the seeds grow lol oct 21 2009
user picture Caroline: Ah, Erin. Memories of latin and history freshman year. God I miss having Sarah in latin class =) dec 22 2009