• Go sky diving
  • Visit 6/7 continents and all 50 states
  • Read all of Shakespeare's plays
  • Watch IMDB's top 100 movies of all times
  • Read a good majority of Barnes and Noble's Classics
  • Become fluent in at least 3 languages
  • See a drive-in movie
dec 14 2008 ∞
mar 17 2010 +
user picture Elise: YAY! Erin made a list! These are all on my list too :) Except... maybe not sky diving, because I think I might die I'd be so scared. dec 14 2008
user picture Erin: haha :) yes, I had to think of something to make a list about. I just made 3 more.
user picture Elise: YAY! Listography is fun, isn't it? :)
user picture Erin: Yes, and procrastinator's paradise
user picture Elise: Hehe. This is what I do when I'm avoiding homework. I make lists. Lots and lots of lists.
user picture Phil: I second all of those...except I'll extend the IMDB one to all of the top 250. bucket lists are strange...they're kind of amusing and they make you hopeful of the future, but then you realize you're talking about stuff you want to before you DIE. lol jun 11 2009