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With the Christmas season fast approaching, I have a few things I want to attain by the end of the year.

  • My bona fide California State Nursing License (3/4/2010)
  • A job working in Labor & Delivery

The list is still a work in progress , but this is what I want the most.

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  • "To the newest member of our crew, may all her desires be fulfilled except for one so that she'll always have something to strive for." - 7 of 9
  • "Think about what you stand to gain,(...It's irrelevant)No its not, real intimacy with another person, nothings more relevant...You're not a drone anymore, you're human! - Chakotay
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Yesterday I went to Wendy's & an older man cordially said hello & tried to start a conversation with me. I obliged & continued random conversation. Naturally, the holidays came up & he asked,

"Have you written your wishlist to Santa yet?"

I then replied (totally caught by surprise),

"uhh nooo, but I'm working on it?"

Then he said,

"How is santa going to get you what you want, if you don't write one?"

So what I thought was an adult conversation, turned into a slightly pedo-one. And that guy gave me the creeps...(I watch too much L&O SVU)

In lieu of that awkward situation I decided it WAS a good idea to write an updated wishlist & it was also a friends request. LOL (2009)

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