• the doe-eyed princess of dolls(porcelain skin,little rose petal lips,seemingly sugar-coated but venomous,>innocence and arrogance entwined<,aggressively cluttering heels,cataract russian)
  • summer boy (sun-kissed skin, radium smile, secret staring lessons held in latin, growing up= the extinguishing of an internal sun,"he used to cry all day.", vanity based infatuation (quickly faded),clumsy tenderness,art class smiles)
  • bird girl (red short hair,mark twain,walking on tiptoes,"german girls look like crocodiles",too old to be sixteen,nude photos(classroom whispers),ellen von unwerth,david bowie ("he is so beautiul,right?"))
  • parisian matchstick boys (stab of inadequacy)
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