• I was called 85 in High School. Forrest Gump had just come out, and his IQ was 85... so most people assumed that was me. Funny how silly, happy people get confused with stupid people. By actually stupid people.
  • I've thought of you naked. Unless you are related to me. I have an issue where I can't be acquainted with someone and NOT imagined them nude. I apologize for it now. But it prolly won't stop.
  • I am the walrus. Kookookachoo.
  • I can bend both my thumbs completely back, fit my fist in my mouth, do a rockin' back bend and recite the alphabet backwards. None of these things qualifies me for the circus. This makes me sad.
  • I have a Target addiction and Converse lust. The fact that they now sell Converse AT Target makes me believe in a God who loves me... just a little bit.
  • I still wish on stars, and throw pennies in fountains.
  • In my opinion, there is no better moment than a truly bad-ass puddle jump.
  • When I am elected perpetual Queen of the Universe, I plan to declare Nachos the official food of the planet. Be prepared.
  • We took Myers-Briggs at work, and I'll post more later, but the part I found funny is that I'm an INFP orrrr an ENFP... I fell right down the line on the introvert/extrovert scale. Which makes sense for an attention hog who hates large groups. :)
  • Everything old is new again. The Cure have a new album out. Surprise, surprise, it sounds just like their last 60. I still remember sitting on the bench outside the CCD (Catholic School kids holla back!) and seeing "The Cure is RAD!" carved into the wooden surface. I thought to myself, "The cure for what?!"
  • I sleep like the dead. But can be awake and alert in under 5 seconds, if say, I'm suddenly at my right bus stop.
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