• You are a secret weapon of happiness.- Jordan
  • You're like Altoids- Curiously strong.- Bill
  • I didn't put you in the things that remind me, because you're more of a "front-of-the-mind" person for me- Lionel
  • You're like a human jukebox!- Bill
  • but your body is not the smooth wonderfulness of perfect proportion that it absolutely is- Bill
  • You're so fun and adventurous, and you don't seem to have lost the wonder of youth like most women our age have. Also the sex is pretty mindblowing.- Justin
  • I don't just miss your face. There's sort of a longer list. Much longer to be honest. I think your voice is at the top of the list. Then your eyes, which are tied with your sense of humor. And your curiosity. Then your kisses. Then it all involves nakedness, and that list is long, and I would surely blush. - Justin
  • 13: When I think of you, I always think of Danzig's 13...

Bad luck wind been blowin' on my back I was born to bring trouble wherever I'm at With the number '13' tattooed on my neck That ink starts to itch

  • ..Black gon' turn to red

You've always been my best sounding board, biggest cheerleader and great friend. Thanks killer.- Ian

  • Where do I begin. Feels like I've known you longer than I have and it's a wonderful thing. I love when we laugh together and all our talks. My life is definately better with you in it beautiful! Love ya!- Joonie
  • Lucky #13 You're creative and fun! You have inspired me to pay attention to the silliness around me...Plus you're smokin' hot and fun to look at! (*)(*)- Dee
  • the person who I want to be when I grow-up...I have watched u grow from a scared little girl to an incredibly strong woman...you amaze me on ur positive outlook on life...you are my tigger..u bounce back like no other..ur my Sandra Bullock u only get stronger with adversity..and u r rockin hot in ur jeggings...I LOVE you sooooooo much words can't express it- Mom
  • #13 lol you stopped me from beating up a girl on cruches ha ha ha You are a very smart chica & have a big heart♥- Mia
  • The Best Role Model any one could ever ask for!! She has always been someone I look up to. And who helps me when I'm not sure what the right thing is to do!!!!! I Love You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Muss
  • I have the biggest crush on you (squeee!) and I think I'll have a fangirl "canna speak out loud" moment when we actually meet in person. Even when Life rears up and kicks your ass, you can pull out your Wonder Woman bracelets and say "Fuck That!" and kick right back. I love how fierce you are in everything - you play, work, mother, and friend with everything in your heart. MWAH!- Jaime
  • Gretchen Shawver came up to me, and mentioned a blog I had read. She told me, “You are so freaking funny! Why don’t you do that for a living? I read them all yesterday, it was hysterical, I could totally hear your voice there!”
  • You're a dichotomous chaos tornado- Charley Dunkin
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