• I'm a fan of: If you got it, flaunt it, because you ain't gonna have it long! However if you don't have it, for god sakes, cover that thing!
  • I'm a fan of: sticking my finger in my belly button. \
  • I'm a fan of: the San Jose Flea Market. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Jose_Flea_Market. I'm not a fan of it moving. I've been going to this thing since I can remember. It's where I first heard about the apocalypse. It's where you could buy puppies right next to fax wax lips. They sell beer from golf carts, fer crying out loud.
  • I'm a fan of being undercover. Being a whitish Messican, and a feminine les, and a former-poor, it's funny what people will reveal when they think they are among "their own." I love being privvy to people saying things they wouldn't if they knew who I really was. Just yesterday, two doctors discussed that they knew what it was like being poor, because they got dropped off at school in a station wagon instead of a Beemer. I wanted to throw in that time we moved with a shopping cart because we had no car. But I thought it might be gauche.
  • I'm a fan of Captain Titties and the Breasts of Wonder. I'd write the comic to share with y'all... but I keep getting distracted by the art.
  • I'm a old fan of masterbation, and a new fan of exercise. If you whacked it at high speed to lose weight, would that be considered "mastercise"? "Exacerbation"?
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