Thanks Alanis for the title!)

  • Sense of Humor. A Must. Not necessarily a joker, but someone who finds life funny.
  • Nice forearms.
  • A job they love, even if it isn't a career.
  • A positive outlook on life.
  • An itching to DO something most days.
  • Interesting eyes (preferable, not required)
  • A love for the written word.
  • A wealth of pop culture knowledge, or desire to learn.
  • A generous spirit.
  • A good, but not dependent rapport with family
  • A joyful and beautiful smile.
  • An open mind and pair of ears.
  • A non-judgmental soul.
  • A razor sharp intelligence.
  • Only mildly interested in living in a neat and orderly environment.
  • Must have the travel bug. And want a travelbuggy partner.
  • Animals and children must adore this person.
  • They must feel lucky to have me (even if the reality is the converse...)
  • Not obsessed with physical perfection, but aware of the importance of health.
  • Not afraid to do some hard work (either physical, mental, or emotional)
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