• Halloween- All the staff get's into it and we have trick or treating throughout the hospital. It's fun to watch all the patients get excited when they "knock" on our doors.
  • Candy and cookies and doughnuts, oh my!- For a place that exists to promote health... there is ALWAYS good stuff to eat laying around. From the catered lunches to the See's Boxes, food is everywhere, and excellent.
  • Free medical advice from world-renowned pediatricians- Rash or chicken pox? Is it weird that my kid licks everything? Should I be worried about his eyesight with his new emo haircut? Answers to these without an appointment OR a co-pay!
  • Overall job security- As long as kids fall down and break stuff, or shove things up their noses, or get chicken pox... there will be work to do.
  • The people- yes I bitch a lot about some of them. But for the most part, people who want to help little kids get better are a good sort.
  • End of the year party, Christmas party, softball game, bowling, ABC drinking club... the people who work at children's hospitals LOVE to get together to hang out.
  • High turn around means always meeting new people! Every year we get new residents to meet, and that isn't even including the new staff members that we get introduced to in other departments!
  • Travel! Illustrious Reston, Virginia Every FREAKING year!!
  • Working in an industry that means something. Take THAT, Paris Hilton!
  • Walking by the waiting room and seeing the book, "It Hurts When I Poop." ONLY at a children's hospital, folks. And possibly a colonic spa.
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