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I love making lists. I love new inspiration and finding out new things.

Little more about meself:
Reality shows, aquarius, the sea, starry night, daisies, sia, love looking, jane austen, dresses, curls, bon iver, fashion, laughing about nothing, philosophic conversations, E!, america, tv addict, lovable, positive with a negative attitude, britain fan,singing, mario bros, sweaters & definitely...

Bliss Jobs (I think would be fabulous/fun to try)
I'm weird (Things I take strange satisfaction from)
Classic movies (seen and enjoyed)
Cirque du Soleil shows (Seen & to be seen)
Things I try not to do
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  • Wand
    • Wood: Rowan
    • Length: 14.5 inches
    • Core: Unicorn
    • Flexibility: Quite Flexible
  • Patronus
    • After long consideration I've decided that my patronus would definitely be a raccoon. Here's why:
      • Bold and curious
      • Happy to share their area with others
      • Social but have strict boundaries
      • Intelligent & love solving puzzles
      • They love food
  • House
    • That would without a doubt be Ravenclaw
      • The common room has stunning views looking over the lake, Forbidden Forest, Quidditch pitch and Herbology gardens.
      • Prize learning above nothing else.
      • Rowena Ravenclaw
      • "Ravenclaw people are most individual, but geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk, and unlike some other houses we could mention, we think you've got the right to wear what you like, believe what you want and say what you feel."
      • The Grey Lady as house ghost
      • They are quirky
  • Favourite Core Classes:
    • Charms
    • Transfiguration
  • Favourite Elective Classes:
    • A History of Magic
    • Astromony
  • Quidditch position:
    • Chaser (although honestly, I would probably be a spectator)
  • Pet:
    • A cat
  • Animagus:
    • an owl
  • Amortentia:
    • freshly mowled grass
    • smell after the rain
    • crisp
  • Horcruxes:
    • My favourite dreamcatcher
    • The little gold sewing box that my grandmother gave me
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