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Peace. Love. Music. ♫
Theatre Appreciator.
Plays guitar, piano, and organ.
16 and single.
Adores art. <3
Bites nails.
Goal: Music Therapist, Massage Therapist, and possibly Photographer. :)

Courtney follows:
veronica books (The Mother Fucking Book List)
autobio (Things that make me feel at home in Bend)
financial (Things To Buy When I Have $)
places (Bend)
to do (Before I Move to Asheville When I'm 30)
  • My Brother:
    • "Subterranean. Haha...ah, my life is too ironic."
    • "In order for two to be entertained one must be sacrificed."
    • "Wanna help a brotha out? And I can actually say that cuz I'm your brother."
    • "I'm right handed and left footed."
  • From Babysitting:
    • "I'm scared...of something scary."
    • *Puts alligator in cart* "And I'm gonna buy that..."
    • "Clean up, clean up, clean up, clean up, etc."
    • "I...have...*lifts shirt up* ENERGY!!!"
  • Awkward Experiences:
    • "Dude. My hand was all over your back the whole time. It was awesome."
    • "It's a Chinese goat!" -> "What? No! It's a lemur! How'd you get from a Chinese goat to a lemur??"
    • "Do you live in an apartment? Or like...a hotel?"
  • Friends :)
    • "You read them in the dark? Unless you're Helen Keller."
    • "Now I'm gonna do it subconsciously on purpose."
    • "I before E except for weird...Except after C!"
    • "I always always always never give them gifts!"
    • "And then I dreamed about waterfalls...and napkins."
    • "Why does everyone keep saying that?? Oh. That's my name." --K
    • "I wanna eat that! It looks like a tooth!"
    • "This is the best skittle I've ever eaten! And I've only had 12,000."
    • "His girlfriend's name is Molly Rose not Mona Lisa!"
    • "Didn't you hear that saying, 'if it doesn't come off of your finger you don't get your wish? I had to blow it off really hard!....oh..."
    • "How slow do you have to be to get that? As slow as me.....I'm not stupid!"
    • "I'm not racist! Kat Von-D is Mexican, and she's my idol!"
    • "Don't pretend you're not joking.........?"
    • "Are you the one that smells like mangoes?"
    • "Yes!....I like Sprite." --I
    • "I can't do that! It makes me feel like a vampire!" --?
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