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'Don't wake me because I'm dreaming of Angels on the moon.'
With deep words only just grasped by the tough skin at my finger tips and pulled through my lips I try to inspire myself and those around me. Forever looking for a way to say something in the opposite way to simplistic, I want creativity. Though from time to time, I lack the motivation. I'm in love with elves, pixies and imps and just th...

  • The feeling of really wanting to jump into a pointless fight on facebook and own everyone and tell them to shut up and get over it because it is that pointless... but instead decide it is better to stay out of it.
  • Lumpy mash potato :(
  • When people are blind to being hyporitical and contradicting.
  • Narrow mindness.
  • Physical, verbal and sexual abuse, the idea of it and that it happens to so many people, makes me sad and angry.
  • People who always have to be right and are stubborn and just whinge and complain about something they can just get on with.
  • Feeling adgitated.
  • Panic attacks
  • text/messaging acronyms, such as OMG or ROFL or u, 2, ur or LMAO, though lol is one I use from time to time only.
  • The feeling you forgot something, when in fact you have forgot something but can't think of what.
  • Having no motivation.
  • When even listening to music is frustrating.
  • Trying to find a song on suffle in itunes but it is never there but refusing to just search it because that means itunes won and plus being too lazy to move mouse, click and type.
  • Other people and their arrogance (sp?)
  • Waiting for the oppurtunity to confront someone you should have a while ago but lost the right time to do it so waiting for the next time but fearing it probably won't come.
  • Uneeded hate towards people for their race, sexuality, gender, weight or just because of who they are.
  • People who push their opinions onto you, and expect you to agree or they get shitty. Get over it we have different opinions. Build a bridge love.
  • Concieted, narsasistic (sp?) girls who are just frustrating to even look at because of the stupid contradicting things they say about treating people with respect and getting it back when they treat everyone else like they are the shit on their shoes. jhdfkjdfjkdfhkdjsfhdf
  • Little children.
  • Some older kids too.
  • People in general maybe.
  • Unessessarily rude people.
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