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'Don't wake me because I'm dreaming of Angels on the moon.'
With deep words only just grasped by the tough skin at my finger tips and pulled through my lips I try to inspire myself and those around me. Forever looking for a way to say something in the opposite way to simplistic, I want creativity. Though from time to time, I lack the motivation. I'm in love with elves, pixies and imps and just th...

  • Sitting in bed and feeling like something bad is going to happen or is happening and I have no control in stopping it from happening.
  • Having to make decisions.
  • Walking around a corner hoping no one else will be coming around from the other side.
  • Being late and thinking I am going to miss my bus.
  • Being alone with someone you used to have feelings for and still do a little bit, with that awkward silence.
  • People talking quietly around me.
  • When someone says they need to talk.
  • When people are late.
  • Hearing noises in the walls.
  • Council Garbage trucks.
  • Lawn Mowers
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