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'Don't wake me because I'm dreaming of Angels on the moon.'
With deep words only just grasped by the tough skin at my finger tips and pulled through my lips I try to inspire myself and those around me. Forever looking for a way to say something in the opposite way to simplistic, I want creativity. Though from time to time, I lack the motivation. I'm in love with elves, pixies and imps and just th...

  • My knees always go a purple colour when I'm cold.
  • I'm easy to walk all over and let people do it way too often.
  • I am difficult to motivate or to keep motivated.
  • I sometimes make life difficult for myself on purpose.
  • I can be a hyporcrite.
  • I'm not always around.
  • I drift from people easily, but I'm just as easy to pull back.
  • I always hid from my feelings because I thought they were wrong of me, but they always creep back up on me and that makes it worse because I feel like I failed to stay happy.
  • Bad things always seem to find their way to me.
  • I'm equally as pesimistic as I am optimistic.
  • I over think and over analyze.
  • I'm not interesting, or adventurous, I stick to the same, familiar things.
    • I'm trying to change that, it is happening naturally.
  • I don't think I'm that reliable.
  • I am doubtful.
  • I make things worse for myself such as sitting alone in my emotions with sad songs.
  • I wish I could eat healthily a lot more, but I don't really do much about it.
  • There is always at least one detail about me which isn't right.
  • I'm perceptive.
    • That is negative as well as positive because it means I pick up on small things and other peoples emotions and take them on, and sometimes I even pick up on things that aren't actually there; they are just made up in my over paranoid mind.
  • I have severe anxiety.
    • Which I manage and have managed to keep under control for this whole time, but I crash when I'm alone.
  • I'm always up and down.
  • I feel adgitated very easily.
  • I'm fidgety.
  • I always feel sick or have aches and pains.
  • Low iron levels.
    • So I am always tired, and I stopped taking my iron tablets.
  • I'm forgetful.
  • I cling onto happy memories which upset me.
  • I'm just.. me.
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