Album: Humanz- Gorillaz

Animal: Tiny Dog

Art: Dancing

A body part: Nose

A city: São Paulo - SP (BR)

Color: Pink

Weekday: Saturday

Divinity: Morpheus

Element: Fire

Emotion: Euphoria

Movie: Lilo & Stitch

Fruit: Strawberry

Piece of clothing: Skirt

Weather: Rainy

Time of the day: Evening

Month: April

Name: Gabriela (I like my name :) )

Number: 9

Object: Pillow or Squishmallow

Place: Beach

Planet: Venus

Smell: Candy

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feb 3 2022 +

Favorite band: Gorillaz

My age: 18 (29/04/03) (dd/mm/yyy)

Nationality: Brazil

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Sign: Taurus

Favorite food: Pizza or Lasagna

Foods that I don't like: Tomato, raw onion, mayo, cooked fruit

Favorite drink: Water

Drink that I don't like: Beer

Things I don't like about myself (physically): my smile, my boobs, my arms

Things I like about myself (physically): my eyes, my nose, my legs

My biggest flaw: Insecure

My biggest quality: amorous, loyal

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite color: Pink

I'm afraid of: the dark, birds and being lonely

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