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U only have to read the ones with # in the title to follow

Vinnie/Malik follows:

hi I'm Vinnie/Ker/(any of my kin names) and I'm really awkward and asocial lmao

I use he/himself and it/itself but I'm cool with any pronouns other than she/herself

I don't wanna update this constantly so I'll just say my birthday is November 4th 1999 (WHICH MEANS I AM NOT A MINOR)

I'm a clusterfuck of trauma and disabilities and I wouldn't be shocked if they aren't all known to me bc I've been gaslighted by multiple mental care workers. I list these only so that you understand that I rly can't act like a normal person usually. As far as I know I have:

  • •GAD
  • •Existential Depression
  • •COCSA trauma
  • •PTSD
  • •suicidal ideations
  • •intrusive thoughts
  • •impulsive thoughts
  • •ADHD
  • •ASD (I have Aspbergers but usually I just say autism)
  • •paranoid delusions & sometimes minor hallucinations
  • •executive dysfunction
  • •domestic & platonic abuse trauma
  • •incest trauma
  • •trauma related age regression (ages 3-6ish)
  • •trauma related hypersexuality
  • •rly stupid rape trauma even tho I wasn't even raped (DM if you want an explanation of why I have this trauma I don't really mind talking abt what caused it bc the I can only be triggered by visual imagery/spoken word it's really weird)

I'm bisexual with a preference for masculine nb/boys

I am mostly Italian/Irish but I'm also Cherokee and I take that very seriously bc I was denied the cultural upbringing that I really wanted and the only time I experienced any of my culture was when I was very young. I plan on eventually finding a Cherokee tribe to join so I can learn more about my heritage.

This is my face

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