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U only have to read the ones with # in the title to follow

Vinnie/Malik follows:
  • you expect me to cater to minors on this account. im an adult and this is an adult space. if you are a minor following me, you accept that you might see smth adult-oriented (not explicit things obvs but like. this space isnt child friendly)
  • you are gonna start drama with me bc I can't deal with it like I'm struggling to maintain being neutral so please just leave me alone if drama follows you around
  • you're a fatphobe, make fun of fat people, or think being fat is ugly
  • you need me to give you tons of attention at all times
  • you think DID and being otherkin is the same or that "kin systems" are real
  • you are a "tulpa system"
  • you fake an illness for any reason (seriously you don't have to come forward about it but please just block me bc I don't want that in my life)
  • you're going to say I'm not Cherokee/native just because I'm unregistered and not in a tribe
  • basic dfi criteria
  • you think autism is a disease/needs to be cured/is caused by vaccines
  • you expect me to always know what is going on (I struggle with keeping up with current events bc I'm autistic and have severe brain fog)
  • you think people with bpd are inherently abusive (people with bpd CAN be abusive, but bpd itself is completely nonabusive in itself. There's a massive difference)
  • you will make me feel bad for being distant (I have social problems, I dissociate, and I have EXTREME executive dysfunction)
  • you bully people for their unproblematic interests
  • you post furry porn
  • you think it's okay to display your kinks publicly (if someone walks past you acting kinky at a kids park they did NOT consent!! to being in your playtime!!!!!!!)
  • you are loudly anti/pro self dx. if u keep it to urself that's okay. I jst think its annoying to hear ppl yelling abt it constantly. im personally professionally dxed but i can understand some situations where self dx is used.
  • you associate with Vergil/Shay/Charlie/Delta/whatever they go by now (toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive AND cheated on me with 3 (confirmed) or more people while we were engaged. i also have reason to believe that his fictive alters are made up/just kins)
  • you are friends with or associate with jace/critter/krasten/ilural/fuqre/spit8/any of his other accts. hes extremely toxic, suicidebaits his friends, and sicks his army of mostly children on anyone who dislikes him and has personally hurt some of my closest friends
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