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U only have to read the ones with # in the title to follow

Vinnie/Malik follows:
  • you are gonna start drama with me bc I can't deal with it like I'm struggling to maintain being neutral so please just leave me alone if drama follows you around
  • you're a fatphobe, make fun of fat people, or think being fat is ugly
  • you need me to give you tons of attention at all times
  • you think DID and being otherkin is the same or that "kin systems" are real
  • you fake an illness for any reason (seriously you don't have to come forward about it but please just block me bc I don't want that in my life)
  • you're going to say I'm not Cherokee/native just because I'm unregistered and not in a tribe
  • basic dfi criteria
  • you think autism is a disease/needs to be cured/is caused by vaccines
  • you expect me to always know what is going on (I struggle with keeping up with current events bc I'm autistic)
  • you think people with bpd are inherently abusive (people with bpd CAN be abusive, but bpd itself is completely nonabusive in itself. There's a massive difference)
  • you will make me feel bad for being distant (I have social problems, I dissociate, and I have EXTREME executive dysfunction)
  • you bully people for their unproblematic interests
  • you post furry porn
  • you think it's okay to display your kinks publicly (if someone walks past you acting kinky at a kids park they did NOT consent!! to being in your playtime!!!!!!!)
  • you are loudly anti/pro self dx. if u keep it to urself that's okay. I jst think its annoying to hear ppl yelling abt it constantly.
  • you associate with Elssa/Warden/Kyra/whatever they go by now (they called me a p*dophile after a year of being friends for confessing a crush on them back when they hid their age and I was newly 18; despite the fact that as soon as I realized they were 15 i backed WAY off and became a father figure in their life for the next year. yikes.)
  • you associate with Vergil/Shay/Charlie/Delta/whatever they go by now (toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive AND cheated on me with 3 (confirmed) or more people while we were engaged.)
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