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U only have to read the ones with # in the title to follow

Vinnie/Malik follows:

I do not claim to be the race of any characters i kin / id / etc with/as

rankings (primary, secondary, etc.) are based on how often they shift

if you are a double of my kins that aren't good with doubles please block me

Kins & past lives

  • lust/death demon (Ker) {would like to meet other demons} <primary>

  • high angel (Lvciftias) {seeking other angels} <core>

  • Dave Strider - homestuck {from a doomed timeline. Doesn't see other Daves as doubles bc there are so many timelines lol and would love to be friends} <secondary>

  • Yukako Yamagishi - JJBA {No doubles please. Seeking any jjba kin} <primary>

  • lost boy (Sammie) - Peter Pan {seeking other lost boys and people from neverland!} <tertiary/core/coping kin>

  • Sherri/"Sarah" - The Crow comics {no doubles. Seeking any The Crow kin} <tertiary/coping kin>

  • Crowkin/ravenkin {would love to meet others!} <tertiary>

  • Catkin (unsure which breed) {would love to meet others!!} <tertiary>

  • Inuyasha - inuyasha {would love to meet other Inuyasha kin! doubles are okay} <tertiary>

  • Atreyu of the Plains People - the neverending story {Very much would love to meet others! No doubles please.} <tertiary>

  • my dream-self (Samuel) {I hate this hoe he's barely a kin/whatever he's super mean to me} <idk how to classify him>

  • Vampirekin {WOULD LOVE TO MEET OTHERS} <primary>

  • Malik - AC {absolutely no doubles, in fact of you are a double BLOCK ME immediately. I'm a reincarnant of him more than any of the others. Would love to meet others from AC universe} <ID/selfhood/me irl/core>

  • Davesprite - homestuck {doubles are okay.} <tertiary>

  • Starfire/Koriand'r/Kori Anders - dc universe/teen titans {no doubles. doubles please block me} <primary/selfhood>

  • Robert Lutece - bioshock infinite {no doubles. doubles block me please} <ID/selfhood/me irl/core>

  • Slowpoke - pokemon {LOVES ANY POKEKIN} <tertiary>

  • Ilyushka/Julian Devorak - the arcana {no doubles pls. doubles block me} <primary/selfhood/core>

  • Sakura Hatsune (Sakura Miku) - vocaloid {never seen a double but no doubles pls. im ONLY Sakura vers. so other Mikus r still valid} <secondary>

  • Luther - Detroit: Become Human {doubles are valid} <tertiary>

  • Rainbow Brite - Rainbow Brite {No doubles} <tertiary/coping kin>

  • Wish Bear - CareBears {no doubles} <tertiary/coping kin>

  • Leeloo - The Fifth Element {no doubles} <tertiary>

  • Jeremy Heere - Be More Chill (Musical only) {NO DOUBLES. PLEASE BLOCK ME IF YOU ARE A DOUBLE.} <secondary/selfhood/core>

  • Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds {Doubles iffy} <secondary>

  • Female Hero of Kvatch - Oblivion {doubles are okay bc there's so many routes} <tertiary>

  • Mystique/Raven Darkholme - MCU/X-MEN {doubles iffy} <tertiary>

  • Ballora - FNAF {no doubles} <secondary>

  • Louis de Pointe du Lac - Interview With The Vampire {no doubles. doubles please block me.} <selfhood/primary/core>

  • Celty Sturleson - DuRaRaRa {no doubles pls} <tertiary>

  • Persephone/Kore - Lore Olympus/All sources? like I'm irl Persephone {no doubles! block me if ur a double} <ID/Selfhood/core>

  • Jester/Hans Seiderman - Puppet Master {no doubles} <tertiary>

  • Sheik (trans/nb Zelda au I guess?) - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time {Zelda kins are welcome bc I don't really relate to that part of my life or any other version of Zelda, but no other Sheik kins pls} <tertiary>

  • Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji {doubles iffy} <secondary>

  • Yukari Minimida - Liar Liar (all games) {doubles okay but I don't tag inval} <selfhood/coping kin/core>

  • Maka Albarn - Soul Eater {no doubles pls} <secondary>

  • Moira O'Hara - American Horror Story {no doubles?} <tertiary>

  • Shin-ae Yoo - I Love Yoo {no doubles} <primary/core>

  • Kris - Deltarune {no doubles. doubles preferably block me.} <secondary/selfhood/core>

  • Anna - Fluffy Boyfriend {doubles iffy} <tertiary>

  • Yoko - The Grudge {doubles fine} <tertiary>


  • Larry - Sally Face {doubles are so cool} <core/selfhood/primary>


  • Yui - Sword Art Online {doubles r gr8} <coping kin>

  • various animals. ask if there's a specific one ur curious if I'm kin with bc I have A LOT of them!<tertiary>

-------- Comforts (please don't make fun of me for liking these barely anything makes me happy anymore)

  • homestuck
  • ducks
  • Vinny vinesauce/jabroni/pizzapasta
  • Joel vargskelethor/nyobel/yobel/jobel/youelle
  • Shep (ACNL)
  • Clay (ACNL)
  • Eric (ACNL)
  • Lucky (ACNL)
  • Wolfgang (ACNL)
  • Peter Pan
  • kidcore
  • microbead floam
  • cool/unique slimes
  • putty
  • Booker DeWitt
  • Atlas/Frank Fontaine
  • Alta├»r Ibn-La'Ahad
  • my dad
  • stim toys
  • cosplay
  • Yoonbum (killing stalking) [psa I hate ks I only like yoonbum bc coping]
  • abnormal psychology
  • Eric Draven (the crow)
  • Shelly Webster (the crow)
  • labyrinth
  • the dark crystal
  • MCR
  • makeup
  • cross stitching
  • Bastian Balthazar Bux (the neverending story)
  • talking about my dreams
  • Circus Baby (fnaf)
  • Count Lucio (The Arcana)
  • The Arcana
  • Bioshock
  • crime TV
  • ghost shows
  • Assassins Creed (first game only)
  • Jabroni Mike
  • any kin sources
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