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glad follows:
  • Ala Carte x
  • Animus Fractus x
  • Awake x
  • Babysitting with the Stars x
  • C43H66N12O12S2 x
  • Cat Walk x
  • Coloring x
  • Diagnosing Acute Pneumoencephalopathy x
  • Footsteps x
  • Fruit of Love x
  • Glow x
  • I Can't Let You Go Like This, It's Suffocating x (self-harm; drug abuse)
  • I Finally Remember the Location of Your Heart x
  • I Promised That I would Love You Forever x (character death)
  • I'll Give You My Heart to Make a Place for it to Happen x
  • In My Dreams, the Skies and Seas Collide x
  • It's Just You and Me, Kid x
  • Kiss the Groom x
  • Lady in Red x
  • Make it Rain x
  • My Favorite Color is Red or Maybe it's Brown x (character death)
  • Necrophilia x (character death)
  • NOEL A Christmas Carol x
  • Off Limits x
  • Puppy Love x
  • Rain x
  • Same as Always, the Sun Rises in the Sky x
  • Second Occupation x (smut; top!woohyun bottom!gyu)
  • Suitors x
  • The Anatomy of a Break-Up and How Sunggyu Ended Up with the Dog x
  • The Lucky Babysitter x (smut)
  • The Rewards of Sexual Frustration x (smut)
  • Thump x
  • Unwind Me with Your Mind Tonight x (bdsm; dom!woohyun sub!sunggyu)
apr 21 2015 ∞
jun 21 2016 +