• Mac Miller. forever and always the most overrated rapper
  • Hangover Quotes
  • the show goes on by lupe fiacso, S&M by rihanna...
  • lacrosse in general
  • south park (which is still good, but not THAT good)
  • facebook
  • many of those "funny" youtube videos you see
  • DUBSTEP. DUBSTEP. DUBSTEP. its alright but not THAT good
  • megan fox. i can name 10 prettier people in 10 seconds
  • the Black Eyed Peas.
  • fried food, mcdonalds, etc.
  • sobe drinks
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Jersey Shore
  • SUPER MASH BROS. girl talk is way better
  • a lot of hoes at my school. forreal
  • concerts. yeah i said it
  • going to football games. its always too cold or hot, you cant see anything, its too expensive, drunk people are annoying, its uncomfortable and far away.
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