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a. cute nicknames ༊*·˚

    • angel: a little quiet, kind-hearted, rarely feels like she belongs, wants to befriend woodland creatures, loves cherries and sunsets, always feels nostalgic

b. space ༊*·˚

    • comet: will fight you for their friends, perfect eyeliner, doesn’t get angry but instead just fucking glares at you until you crumble, loves thunderstorms, dog person

c. hours of the day ༊*·˚

    • 11pm: scented candles, unwanted nostalgia, existential questions, sadness without reason, sitting in the dark and watching the stars, associating songs with past lovers, soft heart, oversized jumpers

d. weather ༊*·˚

    • thunderstorm: lets emotions cloud their view, sharp tongued, says what they mean, cares too much, gives strong hugs, firm handshake, fights for what they believe in

e. seasons ༊*·˚

    • winter: the longest hugs where they refuse to let go. soft music in the background, sleeping on your shoulder in the car. eyes full of stories, long conversations about the meaning of life in the darkness. sentimental objects and words from the right person can comfort them. they can act emotionless, but they melt in your arms. temptation to stay in bed during the daylight and stay awake until dawn. they make you appreciate midnights and find love in silent moments

f. moon phases ༊*·˚

    • first quarter moon: late night to meet your deadlines, glittering city lights, oversleeping, caffeine, the relief of falling into bed, coming home past midnight

g. colors of sunsets ༊*·˚

    • ruby: will stand up for you, deeply compassionate, doesn’t like rain, prefers chocolate over vanilla, can be brutally honest (including with compliments), needs to drink more water, easily embarrassed, always tired, either passionate or apathetic, smart but think they’re not

h. tea ༊*·˚

    • rose tea: always wearing eyeliner, deep voice, likes to paint, analyses their dreams, witch aesthetic, gives the best advice, charming, wine drinker
    • peppermint tea: talented baker, liked by everyone, perfect handwriting, insecure deep down, best music taste, lowkey a savage, wants to watch the sunrise every day, always trying to improve themselves

i. colors ༊*·˚

    • green: biking the scenic route home, rows of plants, curled up toes peaking out of blankets, tapping out the rhythm of a song, holding hands in the car

j. times of day ༊*·˚

    • midnight: sleepy stargazer, vivid dreams, city lights and moving cars, likes to drink a lot of tea, fluffy blankets, fun adventures at 2am, lots of stories to tell, keeps you guessing, rosy cheeks, leather jackets

k. elements ༊*·˚

    • water: great story teller, gets angry easily if you push their buttons but very calm otherwise, can come across as cold, forgets things easily, tries to help everyone, very persistent, always manages to get their way no matter what it takes

l. greek goddesses ༊*·˚

    • persephone: bruised knees, very kind, misunderstood, very artistic, black coffee, believes in fate, midnight hours, astrology, leather jackets, red lips, thorns, writing stories, procrastinating, messy but lovable
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