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I'm Kayla. I love lions and clementines.
My life consists of poke wars, extremely awkward conversations, a few spectacular people, and a love of almost everything.

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Okay, so even if this is all make believe...this is what I would want:

  • A little garden full of herbs and my favorite kinds of vegetables and fruit. Two big apple trees would sit at two of the corners. I would plant carrots and spinach and potatoes (regular and sweet), peppers, and watermelon. There would be trees all around, lots of flowers, a water feature
  • It would be by somewhere where I could take walks.
  • I'd have a little patio that lead out to a gazebo where I could read and have lunch and write.
  • There would be lots of windows.
  • The walls would be lined with shelves that were filled with books and pictures of people I love and places I've been and paintings and antiques.
  • It would be modern but the pieces that make the house would be old.
  • I would have a big kitchen
  • A fireplace is a must.
  • It would be warmly coloured.
  • I'd have dogs and cats and a little teacup pig.
  • The attic would by my studio of some sorts; for writing, for memories, for my computer and my ideas and everything.
  • It would be small, modest, but a very nice place to live. It would be old.
  • My children would have their own little places all to themselves, each and every one of them. I think it is important to have one's own "space"
  • A breakfast nook used for tea and talking
  • I really want my great aunt's dining room set and china that's in my dining room at this moment and time because it is old and very pretty.
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