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I'm Kayla. I love lions and clementines.
My life consists of poke wars, extremely awkward conversations, a few spectacular people, and a love of almost everything.

listography *NEW JOURNAL*
  • drowning
  • animal fights
  • people fights
  • feeling completely out of control
  • falling in love
  • wanting something that I shouldn't want
  • hospitals
  • doing something completely new
  • the feeling in my gut that I get right before I know someone is gonna walk right out of my life
  • when my mom or brother or my dad are late home and won't answer their phones
  • knowing I should just walk away from someone, but also knowing I will stay with them anyway and let them hurt me because I can't stand to give up on something even if there is no hope left
  • relationships
  • reckless driving
  • being together for the first time with someone I like
  • knowing I might forget all of these teenage memories someday...even the horrible ones I would kill to forget
  • the thought of losing my hearing
  • growing up
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