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♥ finished | ♡ in progress

  • someday we'll foresee obstacles
    • bts life is strange au
  • ♡ livid, adj.
    • bts john wick au | pairing: m/m, 2seok
  • ♡ love doesn't discriminate (between the sinners and the saints)
    • blackpink mafia au | pairing: f/f, chaelisa
  • ♡ driver, roll up the partition please
    • blackpink fashion au | pairing: f/f, jensoo
  • ♡ lurk
    • original | m/m, f/f
  • ♡ untitled bestie project
    • original, co-writing | multi
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apr 30 2018 +
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a list of self-care, basic as hell (seriously, i mean Basic) habits that worked for me before and still do. this is mostly a note to self. might not work for everyone, might sound stupid.

  • try to wake up early, even if your eyelids hurt a little at first when the morning rays seep in uninvited. it makes falling asleep at night a whole lot easier;
  • take a cold bath in the waking hours, it does wonders;
  • or take a hot bath before going to sleep, it helps with the pain, sometimes;
  • read some long, 200k words fanfiction;
  • and if your mind can't settle down, play that feel-good video game (you know the one);
  • find your flaws and try your damnest to fix them;
  • download game apps to your phone. play them when you get fidgety;
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a list of tips for writing. or alternatively: me, pretending i know what the fuck i'm talking about:

  • writing is nothing like starting a fire. you don't rub the words together like rocks and hope for a flame. if you keep trying to do that, your hands are going to get bloody, or you're gonna get yourself burned;
  • there's no such thing as raw talent. everything needs polishing;
  • nothing is going to get done properly if you're sleep deprived. scribble down your ideas and get your ass to bed. the words will still be there tomorrow morning;
  • ernest hemingway was a piece of shit;
  • almost every historical, famous writer was a piece of shit in his time. don't try to be them;
  • (except jane austen. jane austen was cool.)
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