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ind and private noodle of the band gorillaz. temp dash only.

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  • do not follow me if you’re racist, transphobic, etc! if you believe in reverse oppression (ie ""cisphobia""), do not follow me either.
  • do not follow if you associate with cricket, xuxu, or tumblr user black-hat-organization. if i find out you follow these people or see any of them on my dash you will be blocked.
  • if you ever see me interacting with someone who is harmful, please let me know. i am a forgetful individual and am often not aware of things going on around me. i am here to make you feel comfortable!
  • AS OF JULY 2018, I WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGING PHASE 5 ON THIS BLOG. it makes me extremely uncomfortable how they are treating murdoc, and as a victim of assault myself, it is triggering to me to even digest. if i do post about it, it will more than likely be critical.
  • i am not a fan of jamie hewlett and his b...
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  • full name: noodle kyuzo.
  • alias(es): noodle hobbs-niccals (adopted name), noodle (stage name).
  • nickname(s): noods, lil mama, etc.
  • age: verse dependent, twenty seven in default verse (phase 4).
  • date of birth: october 31, 1990 at 3:52 am.
  • gender: non-binary female.
  • nationality: british japanese.
  • ethnicity: japanese.
  • spoken language(s): all known languages, typically sticks to english and japanese.
  • occupation: ex-super solider, lead guitarist of gorillaz, and global ambassador for jaguar racing.
  • religion: shintoism.
  • sexual orientation: lesbian.


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  • n/a!
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