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ind and private noodle of the band gorillaz. temp dash only.

guitarsband follows:

before you follow

  • do not follow me if you’re racist, transphobic, etc! if you believe in reverse oppression (ie ""cisphobia""), do not follow me either.
  • do not follow if you associate with cricket, xuxu, or tumblr user black-hat-organization. if i find out you follow these people or see any of them on my dash you will be blocked.
  • if you ever see me interacting with someone who is harmful, please let me know. i am a forgetful individual and am often not aware of things going on around me. i am here to make you feel comfortable!
  • AS OF JULY 2018, I WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGING PHASE 5 ON THIS BLOG. it makes me extremely uncomfortable how they are treating murdoc, and as a victim of assault myself, it is triggering to me to even digest. if i do post about it, it will more than likely be critical.
  • i am not a fan of jamie hewlett and his blatant bigotry, nor am i a fan of the current gorillaz lore. i will tag all of these posts accordingly in order not to clog the dash, but if you are uncomfortable with this/support hewlett's behavior, i'd recommend not following me.
  • if you refuse to acknowledge murdoc's canonical sexuality, ethnicity, or his mental illnesses/trauma, do not follow me.
  • i cannot send rules passwords, but i promise i always read your rules before following.
  • the layout for my stats page was is from pillpaused and my psd is a tweaked version of neon guts by oceanrps.
  • my name is lane, my pronouns are they/she, and i’m a bi mall goth. i’m way more chill than these rules make me out to be, so feel free to message me!

before you interact

  • mun ≠ muse. i don’t always condone the things said or done on this blog and i will always make sure to differentiate.
  • that being said: don’t hold your muse back, but don’t godmod either. being mean and forcing character death are two totally different things.
  • i am nineteen, so sexual themes may occur from time to time and other “nsfw” subjects such as drug abuse and violence will be frequent. don’t fret, all triggers are tagged! ** if we’re mutuals i’d appreciate it if you tagged eating disorders, sexual assault, lesophobia, and transphobia ** !
  • I WILL NOT BE SHIPPING NOODLE WITH HER BANDMATES! noodle has canonically stated that she views the boys as family and i hc noodle as lesbian. i'm blocking you if you write or consume this type of content, too. leave me alone.
  • for personal reasons, i am selective and mutually exclusive, meaning i will only write with people i’m mutuals with. if i don’t follow you, i don’t see our characters interacting, sorry!
  • oc and duplicate friendly! i won’t be having exclusives, but mains becomes an option if we’re friends ooc and have interacted previously.
  • i tend to format my posts quite heavily, but doing so is not a requirement to talk to me whatsoever! format however you please and if an issue arises due to formatting, let me know. i want my posts to be accessible!
  • feel free to follow if you’re a personal! i just ask that you not reblog my threads or any of my headcanons unless otherwise specified. thank you for enjoying my content and feel free to send noodle whatever you may see fit!
  • ** don’t vague about me ** ! if you have an issue with me or anything i’ve posted, feel free to im me and we can talk through things together. if this happens more than once, i’ll more than likely be hardblocking you. i really don’t want any negative vibes surrounding me.
  • if i unfollow you, please don’t confront me or about vague me, as you will be hardblocked. if you need to unfollow me, feel free to softblock.
  • if i block you, it was for good reason. don’t contact me about it.
  • please do not rush me for replies. in addition to having bpd and being a full time student, i run other blogs, work, and try to make time for a social life! if you feel as if i have missed your thread, feel free to give me a poke.
  • if you’re interested in continuing something from an ask, please make it into a separate post instead of reblogging.
  • i may drop threads here and there, but it’s nothing personal! i just might not have a lot of muse. feel free to message if you still want to write, though.
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