but not necessarily things that have RECENTLY done so-- things in general, that always do (or at least most of the time). :]

  • doing the dishes with Rosie. (I say this in all honesty, because while we're doing the dishes we have some of the best conversations EVER, be they serious or spazzing out over silly, silly things.)
  • hanging out with Eric, be it on a date or goofing off and beating each other up or just chilling/snuggling on the couch. ♥
  • snuggling with my puppies-- they're so sweet.
  • long car trips, because I sit in the back and listen to music and stare out the window, and it's one of the rare times I can really just allow my mind to wander at will, which calms me down.
  • listening to music; I like to really sit down and listen, sometimes, think about the lyrics, sing along at the top of my lungs until I'm hoarse, whatever. I honestly cannot go a day without listening to music at some point.
  • talking to friends (unless they're bitching about drama), be it spazzing out or having serious conversations or just kinda stuff like "hey what's up?" "nammuch u?" silly stuff like that makes my day, sometimes.
  • discussing art with Rosie, be it music or writing or photography, because even if we don't know the specifics we have a good general idea of what "good" art is, and like discussing/analyzing it. :]
  • people giving me cute little nicknames, like Riru or Uryuan or Rickie, lol.
  • MAKING LISTS, srsly, I like laying things out like this in a neat, (semi-)orderly fashion.
  • working, because despite how much I may complain about the job itself and the low pay and crappy hours and how little money I have, the fact is that I'm earning my own money and partially supporting myself, and it's a cool, cool feeling.
  • talking about things that make me happy, haha. XD;
dec 16 2007 ∞
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