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chizuru antis don't interact (๑❛ ڡ ❛๑)

|| Hana; 22; California ☼ ||

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  • my real name is Celina; you can call me Hana!!
  • 22 yrs old
  • born May 30th, 1997
  • Mexican-American
  • she/her (cis)
  • demiromantic/greysexual
  • university student working as a tutor; writer when i feel like it
  • live in PST (Pacific Standard Time)
aug 5 2017 ∞
jul 20 2019 +

i have an extensive backlog of otome games in my arsenal:

  • psychedelica of the ashen hawk (currently playing)
  • london detective mysteria
  • steam prison
  • amnesia: memories
  • code:realize: wintertide miracles
  • period cube
  • taisho alice ep. 1
  • bad apple wars
  • nightshade

many of these are a several years old at this point, but if you tweet about plot or post cgs of them (livetweeting or otherwise) i would kindly request that you tag those posts as spoilers. i reserve the right to mute you temporarily if you don't. thank you for understanding ♥ updated: 8/7/20

aug 10 2017 ∞
aug 7 2020 +
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i mostly enjoy otome games, cartoons and fantasy or romance-themed stuff !!!!!!!

some of my favorite series include:

  • hakuouki
  • mystic messenger
  • code:realize
  • the persona series (3/4/5 if i ever get to play it LOL)
  • fire emblem
  • touken ranbu
  • miraculous ladybug
  • star vs the forces of evil
  • pokemon
  • gbf/granblue fantasy
  • many other otome games and other mobile games in general but they're brought up less often. if you're curious just ask!! ♥
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jul 20 2019 +
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  • if i mess up your pronouns feel free to correct me (nicely)!! i usually notice right away and correct myself but if i don't just poke me and i'll take care not to do it again. i'd never misgender someone on purpose
  • if you need me to tag something i will, but i don't usually talk about things that need to be tagged on my public account. i'll definitely tag things like suicide, nsfw, emetophobia, self harm, ect.
  • uuuhhhh i probably won't tag things like my favorite series though, sorry. especially if it's just because you don't like it and not bc of things like triggering topics, spoilers, ect. def carefully consider following me if i'm really into a series you dislike
  • i'm a self-indulgent fiEND. i'm pretty much always retweeting hot anime menz onto my timeline so if either of those things ...
aug 10 2017 ∞
may 29 2020 +
  • first of all, please understand that i obviously will not associate with nor tolerate racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, ect. just stay 500 feet away from me at all times
  • i'd rather you didn't follow me if you're an ace exclusionist
  • i'll probably get annoyed if you're constantly hating on otome heroines. i know it's nothing personal but i don't really have the patience for it. if you do this a lot, we probably wouldn't get along anyway
  • callout culture annoys me. it's one thing to complain about people on a private account, but if you're continuously setting people up to be flamed in public then that's not to say i don't understand some people we should genuinely stay away from, but i'm wary of "callout posts" and "psas" for reasons that should pro...
aug 10 2017 ∞
jul 20 2019 +