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chizuru antis don't interact (๑❛ ڡ ❛๑)

|| Hana; 22; California ☼ ||

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  • if i mess up your pronouns feel free to correct me (nicely)!! i usually notice right away and correct myself but if i don't just poke me and i'll take care not to do it again. i'd never misgender someone on purpose
  • if you need me to tag something i will, but i don't usually talk about things that need to be tagged on my public account. i'll definitely tag things like suicide, nsfw, emetophobia, self harm, ect.
  • uuuhhhh i probably won't tag things like my favorite series though, sorry. especially if it's just because you don't like it and not bc of things like triggering topics, spoilers, ect. def carefully consider following me if i'm really into a series you dislike
  • i'm a self-indulgent fiEND. i'm pretty much always retweeting hot anime menz onto my timeline so if either of those things are unappealing to you i'm sorry but the cops will never stop me
  • i don't tend to follow back on my own; if you wanna chat feel free to introduce yourself or if we have mutual friends let them know to give me a heads up!!
  • do not be passive aggressive with me. if i did something wrong just talk to me about it with respect
  • if you'd like to talk more feel free to ask for my line (´ ▽ ` )
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