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  • trip acid in the sun
  • finally go to Three Pools
  • learn (try) to longboard
  • successfully move off campus
  • look into getting foodstamps
  • quit smoking cigarettes
  • get a bike (necessary for summer job/future commute)
  • find a summer job (paint/grounds?)
  • get healthy again//yoga, going for a run, et.
  • cook dinner for s&b (have 1650 over also for a thankyou dinner)
  • for b to stay over a lot this summer in our new house, new experiences with someone (or two people) i love in a new space.
  • hone my style//sell or donate most of what i don't wear
    • have a spring stoop sale before school ends
  • pierce my ears finally?
  • grow herbs//little vegetable garden once we're moved in
feb 27 2013 ∞
may 31 2013 +