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  • not realizing i had so much left on my common app.
  • 300 people in a 1 room school.
  • feeling like, as a woman, my voice doesn't count everywhere and no matter how much 300 people in 1 room is affecting me, I can't singlehandedly change it without a man backing me up.
  • "It's ultimately up to the Pakistani people, and so far, the Pakistani people haven't changed anything." this quote, and the feeling that we're arguing in circles.
  • the frustration that comes with arguing in circles, in politics and in love.
  • not being able to call you a hypocrite.
  • realizing that pretending time and distance and people aren't important is only pretending.
  • wishing for time turners.
  • not waiting and feeling guilty.
  • religious extremists. the fact that we're all human but it doesn't even matter.
  • losing my math homework.
  • not running, even though that shouldn't bother me.
  • tumblr being down again, for the 3rd time this week.
  • feeling anxious.
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