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  • make one dread, let it stay for the year
  • go for little runs/start yoga seriously. do something, stay active.
  • seriously think about tattoos, let yourself be drawn on as much as possible.
  • lose winter pounds, think towards wula and naked run.
  • only eat when hungry. drink more water.


  • start reading for pleasure (summer in salem)
  • teach yourself how to sew
  • grow herbs once the salem sun comes back for good.


  • embrace what scares you. let love in.
  • take responsibility for everything you do. let your soul live an honest existence.
  • treat others how you want to be treated, no matter how difficult.

life goals:

  • find an off campus job, or on campus job that rolls into summer
  • make summer in salem happen, move in with nick n sandra, make it work
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