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  • our house. AND THE VIEW.
  • my room. my yellow-tiled bathroom, the loft, my bookcases and cabinets (hahaha), the views of the city on one side and the mountains on the two others. huuuuu.
  • ripe yellow mangoes.
  • my favorite Filipino brands: shopping at Bayo, stocking up on school supplies at National Book Store and the best halo-halo ever from Razon's.
  • watching UAAP games live.
  • tropical weather all year round.
  • Simbang Gabi.
  • Ateneo.
  • pirated dibidis. aww c'mon! hahaha.
  • stores/malls open everyday at 8/9pm.
  • the malls, period.
  • Sunday potluck with my dad's side of the family.
  • not having to do chores and commute. (so i'm lazy. shoot me.)
  • how people go all out with Christmas decorations in their homes and in the malls, as early as November, or October even. LOVE.
  • driving through Makati or Ortigas on the way home and marveling at all the Christmas lights.
  • how your Php1000 can go a really long way.
  • car rides going to and from school with my brother. especially early in the morning or after my 6pm class and changing the radio stations constantly or fiddling with each other's iPods.
  • text messages from my friends. even just the forwarded ones.
  • dropping by CVC at least once a week, piling up on junk food and being recognized by the people who work there.
  • hitching a ride with Alma whenever we got out. then having some of the best and most serious conversations on the way home.
  • the Lifestyle section of the Inquirer. especially on Saturdays. even if it's crap half of the time, haha.
  • having a lot of holidays throughout the year.
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