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something i wrote in my blog early this year.

  • Read 50 books.
  • Watch 50 movies.
    • Aiming for a hundred now.
  • Have a kick-ass last semester ever (!) at uni. -- Far from kick-ass but at least it's over.
  • Graduate from uni. -- Technically not until November 7th, but whatever, I won't be able to attend anyway. Besides, I'm officially part of the uni's Alumni Assoc!
  • Write in my paper journal more often.
  • Write.
  • Get another part-time job before classes start.
  • Get a full-time job related to my degree or something that I'll just love doing, after I graduate. -- Well, my management degree that is. Its too early to say if I love it because hello, I haven't even started!, so we'll see.
  • Be organized. Regularly: clean my room, keep track of expenses, file my bills and records, delete unnecessary files from my computer.
  • Meet more people and foster relationships with old friends.
  • Learn how to drive, dammit!
  • Buy a digital camera.
  • Spend less time online.
  • Learn how to cook real food.
  • Go out on a limb, or two, or twelve.
  • Watch a great concert. Or play.
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