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    • 1st. Act like a princess.

The simplest and most efficient way to feel like a princess is acting like one. In Portal talk a lot about the virtues of a princess, things like grace, courage and kindness. Put some of these virtues in practice every day, and is the most beautiful person you can be, inside out, and treat others like royalty too. Be calm and composure in situations of small day-to-day, and if it helps, think "Like a princess act?" Keep your dignity with good posture and manners and you will find that the more you act like a member of the nobility, the more you will be treated accordingly!

    • 2nd. Dress like a princess.

This does not necessarily mean using ball gowns and crowns to go to work or school. However, dressing somewhat tidier than usual can help you get into the way of thinking of a princess. Dress up with what makes you feel beautiful, is a beautiful dress, jeans and a T-shirt or sweet lolita. Taking care of your visual appearance and will give you increased confidence and a way to express your inner beauty on the outside. If you have to wear a uniform or have a dress code at work or school, try hairstyles or wear cute accessories! Have fun creating your own style!

    • 3rd. Use your imagination.

The world can seem like a very boring place if you do not use your creativity. Certainly you may feel that your life is something very far from a fairy-tale, but if you use your imagination you can probably find elements of it that are at least somewhat magical. When I refer to my parents as King and Queen or my house as a palace, I'm not talking literally - it's just my way of interpreting the world in a more imaginative way, and it's really fun when you learn to do that!

    • 4th. Pamper yourself.

I am a very spoiled princess - not because someone buys things for me, but because I do it myself! I think all princesses need a little luxury in their lives, and need not cost the world. Self-indulgence is to recognize that you are an amazing person who deserves care and pampering from time to time. If you're having a bad day, it is better giving an ice cream or taking a walk in the park. Long baths with salts and massage are also good, and one of my favorite things is to get a library book or rent a movie to watch and enjoy my own company or person that I like - and none of it costs a lot.

    • 5th. See the beauty.

Even without using our imagination, the world is a beautiful place. We often close ourselves in our own little worlds, thoughts spinning inside our heads. We put music in our ears, we get distracted and lose all the magical things that happen around us. Try using your senses. Anywhere you go, or even where you are now. What you hear, see, touch, smell? Notice the little things, flowers growing in cracks in the asphalt, birds calling to each other, the smile of a stranger, the music of a street musician, the smell of fresh bread. Whenever I talk about seeing the world through the eyes of a child, that's what I mean, really look at me and listen to absorb everything. The more you find beauty in the world around you, the more you feel love for life and will be easier to feel like a princess.

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