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    • Never forget your wings. You can fly, even if just in your dreams.
    • Talk to the trees when no one is looking and even when they are.
    • Dance until holes form in your shoes and through your stockings.
    • Drink tea.
    • Watch the sun set.
    • Believe in magic.
    • Walk in the woods, run in the woods barefoot.
    • Sing in the forest.
    • Skip stones.
    • Have a picnic.
    • Read picture books.
    • Write letters.
    • Make up names for the stars.
    • Make ripples in still waters.
    • Observe.
    • Visit the library and press flowers in the books.
    • Skip rope.
    • Find the key to the garden with help from the robin.
    • Twirl about in billowy skirts.
    • In all your shyness still try and let others in.
    • Be nice to a stranger.
    • See good in everyone.
    • Make up stories in your head.
    • Wear what you want.
    • Pretend you a character from a book.
    • Carry around a handkerchief.
    • Splash in the puddles.
    • Climb trees (ask them first please.)
    • Find the Faeries.
    • Visit the Nagas.
    • Explore.

This is not my list.

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