27/08/2016 - Seventeen Shining Diamonds Asia Pacific Tour Melbourne 10am-10pm

    • i thought more people would line up early for merch :/
    • actual show only 6-8 :'(
    • called seokmin while leaving photo op and he looked and waved at me

(ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡ˎˊ˗

10/08/2018 - Day6 1st World Tour "Youth" in Melbourne

    • buying on ticketek:
      • go to uni to use internet, WAY faster
      • use multiple devices (for phone try the app too) - this helps a lot!!
      • open ticketmaster on multiple browsers (don't test this for a super important event, they might block you thinking you're a bot)
      • open the event page before it begins and don't refresh the page as soon as sales start, this is automatically done
      • for tickets/seats that you like, go through each step of the purchase process to add extra minutes to the timer
      • DON'T get ticket insurance
    • concert tips:
      • bring a mirror for touch ups - if bringing makeup only bring essentials, eg. 1 foundation, primer, concealer, setting spray, blush, eyeshadow, lippie, contour stuff, mascara; sponge, powder brush, blotting paper, blush brush, eyelash curler)
      • don't bother doing your nails
      • blot oil before putting on makeup
      • toilets not full during hi-touch waiting, better mirrors/lighting
      • clear water bottle?
      • always bring more money than you need!
      • bring glow sticks! esp. if no lightstick for sale
      • try and make a sign or wear a headband/ribbons or temporary face tattoos or face crystals
      • wear a jacket & light tee/shirt under - it will get hot in the venue even if outside it's cold - don't wear a jumper
      • try and wear comfy sneakers - with good support
      • try and go with a friend!!! then you can make hearts in the audience (& hold it until they notice) without feeling embarrassed
      • remember lyrics & fanchants!!!!!!!
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